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Jason Baide

Born and raised in Bozeman, Jason spent much of his childhood around The Gem Gallery. From a young age, he took an interest in the jewelry making process. His constant curiosity led him to learn from the experienced in-store goldsmiths and his father, Don Baide.
Jason studies studio arts and business at MSU. He has also attended New Approach Jewelry School in Tennessee and CAD-CAM training in Toronto, CA. Jason’s design and goldsmithing abilities have been recognized with multiple awards including Saul Bell International Jewelry Award for Emerging Artist in 2016 and 2017. Jason currently does goldsmithing and design work and is excited to eventually continue The Gem Gallery’s tradition of craftsmanship and quality.
Jason Baide
Jason Baide


White Gold & Yogo Sapphire Ring
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Sapphire Necklace
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Yogo Sapphire Ring
Yogo Sapphire Ring
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