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Philip Devitt, Goldsmith

Philip Devitt has been a goldsmith at The Gem Gallery for over 9 years and specializes in stone setting and custom wedding sets. Read more about Philip on our about us page.
Philip Devitt
Philip Devitt


Custom Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Rose gold halo MT sapphire ring
Yogo Sapphire eternity band
Elk ivory ring set
Mokume Wedding Band
Multi-colored Montana Sapphire ring
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Mountain detail band
Custom Engagement Set
Engraved diamond ring
Engraved diamond ring 2
Eternity Yogo Sapphire
Diamond & Yogo Sapphire Ring
Interlocking design
Interlocking design 2
Mens band
Rose gold diamond solitaire
Custom Montana Sapphire Ring Set
Mountain ring set
Sapphire halo ring
Yellow gold & sapphire ring
Mountain Wedding Ring Set
Unique profile design
Custom Yogo Sapphire RIng
Purple Yogo Sapphire Ring
Custom Yellow Gold Ring
Custom Pendant
Yellow Gold Inlay Ring
Custom Bands
Mountain Range Set
Yogo Sapphire Earrings
Tree of Life Ring
Montana Sapphire ring
Rose gold solitaire
Custom Mountain Range Ring
Custom Ring Design
Diamond solitaire ring
Custom Garnet Ring
Custom Ring Design
Custom Ring Set
Diamond Ring
Fancy Sapphire Halo ring
Yogo Sapphire Engagement Ring
Princess Diamond ring
Ruby & Diamond

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