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Custom jewelry by Chris

Christopher Tullar

Christopher Tullar
Christopher Tullar
Chris is one of Gem Gallery’s talented goldsmiths, approaching his ten-year anniversary on our team. Lately, he has enjoyed his collaboration with owner Jason Baide on custom pieces for the Aurum collection. His favorite concept so far is the Aurum Inlay Band, which incorporates rough Yogo sapphires set into gold and platinum, offering a refreshing twist on the classic wedding band. 

In 2015, he met his wife Ellyse, the love of his life, right at The Gem Gallery. Soon after they married, they welcomed their daughter Dorothy. Now with his wife, daughter, and two rambunctious stepsons, George and Gary, Chris has traded solo missions into the backcountry for quality time with his family. In addition to sharing his love for the Star Wars universe during movie nights, they enjoy family fishing trips, quiet-water rafting, and camping, fully embracing the natural wealth of Montana.

Christopher Tullar
Christopher Tullar


A Montana Sapphire bridal set with flowing bezels.
Inlayed Yogo Sapphire Band.
An elegant hand carved ring with elk Ivory and Diamonds.
Yogo Gala Ring
White Gold Ladder Ring
Collaboration with Katie Oliphant
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Christopher Tullar
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