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Christopher Tullar, Goldsmith

With over 20 years experience in metalsmithing, Chris prides himself on his attention to detail. This meticulous craftsmanship lends itself to each repair and custom pieces that comes from Chris’s bench. When designing, Chris employs a “no frills” aesthetic that features clean lines, elegant curves, and a subtle geometry. After earning a BFA in Metalsmithing from the Maine College of Art under Tim McCreight, Chris began his career in New Hampshire at an independently owned custom jewelry store. He later completed his MFA at Montana State University here in Bozeman, Montana. He fell in love with the mountains and skiing here and can often be found enjoying the outdoors. During his time at The Gem Gallery, he has also studied with Blaine Lewis of the New Approach School for Jewelers to further hone his stone setting skills.
Christopher Tuller
Christopher Tuller


White Gold Ladder Ring
Raw Sapphire Ring
Bezel Set Diamond Ring
Rose Gold Montana Sapphire Ring
Green Sapphire Ring
Bezel Bet Fancy Sapphire Ring
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Halo Diamond ring
Elk Ivory Earrings
Three Stone Diamond Ring
Custom Ruby Ring
Montana Sapphire Ring
Montana Sapphire Ring
Five Stone Yogo Ring
Custom Yogo & Diamond Ring
Custom Engagement Ring
Custom Yogo Sapphire Ring
Yellow Gold & Diamonds
Yellow Gold Ring
Yogo Men's Band
Custom Designed Engagement Ring
Custom Shadow Band Mold
Bezel Set Montana Sapphires & Diamonds
Yellow Gold Band
Yogo Sapphire Ring
Bezel set Diamond ring
Semi Bezel Ring
Collaboration with Katie Oliphant

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