Gem Gallery Purchases Yogo Sapphire Mine

AUGUST 21, 2017
The Gem Gallery Secures Purchase of Montana Yogo Sapphire Mine

The Gem Gallery recently purchased Vortex Mine near Lewistown, MT with the intention of running an eco-friendly Yogo sapphire mining operation to provide high-quality, locally sourced Yogo sapphires to Montana's jewelers.

"We can guarantee that these stones haven't had any conflict and that they are totally untreated. And to find out that it’s been mined in Montana — that’s even better."

The Vortex mine was previously owned by a late friend of Don Baide. Don hopes to continue fulfilling his friend's dream by providing locally sourced, ethical sapphires to Montana by restarting the mines operation.
The Gem Gallery a Bozeman Montana jewelry store specializing in custom Montana Yogo Sapphire jewelry.
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