Clean & Check

You should have your jewelry thoroughly cleaned and inspected at least 2 or 3 times a year by a qualified jeweler. The Gem Gallery is happy to offer this service free of charge, ANYTIME. (Even if your jewelry was purchased from somewhere else!) 
Other jewelry care tips: 
 -Put your jewelry on last when getting ready and take it off first before bed. This habit keeps your jewelry away from things like make-up, hair-spray, perfume, and lotion as you're applying them. 
 -You should remove your jewelry when: • Lifting weights at the gym • Rock climbing, mountain biking, gardening, etc. • Soaking in hot tubs/springs
Please note that wear and tear is normal and over time your jewelry will need some maintenance. These are a few of the common repairs / services that are often needed to make sure your jewelry lasts a lifetime. 
• A white gold appearing to be yellow - Your ring may need rhodium plating 
• The prongs wear down or snag on clothing - The prongs may need re-tipping 
• The metal shows scratches and abrasions - The piece can usually be refinished to look new
• The base (shank) of the ring is thin or breaking - It may need to be re-shanked
• Stone are loose or lost -  Stones can often be tightened or replaced as needed
• The ring is too small or big - Rings can usually be resized, let us take a look
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